General Information

letter of introduction-RDSP & Legacy 150 gift

RDSP info sheet-PPRN

Understanding and qualifying for DTC (RDSP)

What is RDSP?

If you are under the age of 59 and qualify for ODSP, you can access the Registered Disability Savings Plan. You need to first be registered for the Disability Tax Credit.

Find more information in the documents below and visit http://www.rdsp.com/

Information & Forms for Adults

Legacy 150 information for adult application

Legacy 150 How to apply adult

Legacy 150 adult application forms

Information & Forms for Children

Legacy 150 information for child application-poster

Legacy 150 information for child application

Legacy 150 How to apply for child 

Legacy 150 application form for child

Please contact Trish Campbell, our Registered Disability Savings Plan Project Coordinator for more information via email trishcampbell.pprn@gmail.com or visit her at the Peterborough Social Planning Council Office in the lower level of Peterborough Square.