ODSP Medical Reviews

If you are on ODSP, you might get a letter saying that you need a medical review.

The Ministry has provided a Medical Reviews Info Sheet. Click on the title to open it.

According to the Ministry:

“These “medical reviews” have always been part of the ODSP system. This is because ODSP is a program that provides support to people with disabilities even if their disability is not permanent.

For many years, however, the Ministry of Community and Social Services did not do medical reviews due to lack of resources. Many people who should have had a medical review have not had one done.

The Ministry received funding this year that will significantly increase the number of medical reviews being done. This means many more people on ODSP will be getting medical review notices in the mail.”


If you are on ODSP and get a letter, contact the Peterborough Community Legal Centre:

150 King Street, Peterborough ON K9J 2R9

phone: (705) 749-9355