Employment and Training

Goal: Help un- and under-employed people build their skills and find work.


Empower & Address Needs:

  • Provide accessible training opportunities for people of all ages and skill sets.
  • Educate workers and business owners about rights and responsibilities under the Labour Standards Act.

Build Capacity:

  • Provide more access to free and non-intimidating skills development opportunities.
  • Inform small business owners about the benefits of paying workers a living wage.


  • Work across sectors and agencies to ensure that pro- grams are meeting the needs of people in poverty.
  • Create an Employment Bank, where people with spe- cific skills can be linked up with employers.

Create Change:

  • Work to support the Living Wage campaign and Basic Income Guarantee.
  • Educate people about the Economic Areas identified as sectors of future growth and opportunity.


Facts: 25% of those in the labour force in Peterborough City and County are working part -time. The occupations employing the most peo- ple in Peterborough are in the Service class (retail, food services, hospitality). Service industry jobs are more likely to be part-time and low-wage. Self-employed workers (entrepreneurs) account for the fastest growing source of jobs and income in Ontario.

Partners: Community Employment Resource Partnership (CERP),  Employment Planning and Counselling,  City of Peterborough, Peterborough Social Planning Council, Workforce Development Board