About PPRN

The Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network (PPRN) was created in 2006 to tackle the growing problem of poverty in our community. Since that time, we have expanded as a large, umbrella organization with dozens of agency partners and hundreds of individuals involved.

The PPRN’s Mission:

To work collaboratively and inclusively in order to take local action and advocate for system and policy changes that address the root causes of poverty.

We envision a community free from poverty, where all people live with dignity and health and have:
– secure and affordable housing, food, and income, and are able to meet their basic needs

– employment with living wage
– access to education and training at all ages
– opportunities to reach their full potential using their energy, creativity, and talents
– opportunities to be involved and included
– support for their changing needs from childhood to old age

Our Strategic Directions:

Enable community members meet their immediate needs through collaborative action: Champion the need for system and policy change. Lead and support actions to meet the short- and long-term needs of people living in poverty. Provide opportunities for all community members to be involved in poverty reduction initiatives.

Create new partnerships and opportunities for collaboration on poverty reduction initiatives:
Build purposeful partnerships with diverse community stakeholders and networks. Engage new volunteers and community partners to work towards the common agenda of poverty reduction.

Build capacity in the community through education, information, and skills development:
Increase public awareness and understanding of the issues and consequences associated with poverty in Peterborough.

Work towards systemic change to reduce the impacts of poverty and income inequality:
Conduct research, share knowledge, and support information exchange on poverty related issues. Develop and implement an evaluation framework that measures and reports on the impact of PPRN actions.

Who We Are:
The PPRN is goverened by a Steering Committee and a Planning Committee.

Members of the Steering Committee are:
Stephen Kylie, Chair
John Martyn, Vice-Chair
Jay Schiller, Treasurer
Shannon Marren, Secretary
Joanne Bazak-Brokking, Member
Jim Russell, Member
Benjamin VanVeen, Member
Michael Andrews, Member
Margaret Wright, Member
Rob Brooks, Member
Gordon Halsey, Member
Elisha May Rubacha, Member
Chris Hunt, Member
Chantelle Clarke, Member

Members of the Planning Committee are:
John Martyn, Chair, Neighbours in Action
Joanne Bazak-Brokking, Income Security
Dawn Berry- Merriam, Housing Supply Committee
Brenda Dales, Basic Needs
Mike Gannon, Employment & Training
Rosana Pellizzari, Community Food Network
Margaret Wright, Communications