Goal: Ensure everyone in Peterborough has a safe and affordable place to live.


Empower & Address Needs:

  • Support ways to name & pressure landlords who ignore standards of safety and maintenance.
  • Advocate for more affordable and Rent-Geared-to- income housing units.

Build Capacity:

  • Distribute important information to the community and those living in RGI units.
  • Support AHAC in education all sectors about the 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan.
  • Facilitate conversations to help people with high incomes understand the nature of poverty and the links to the high cost of housing


  • Engage church resources to be used for the common good.
  • Ensure that agencies such as the Health Unit and Peter- borough Green-Up are engaged in assisting housing de- velopers provide safe, healthy accommodations.

Create Change:

  • Support key initiatives of the Peterborough 10-Year Housing And Homelessness Plan.

Facts: Over 1,500 people are on the Social Housing Wait List in Greater Peterbor- ough. More than 50% of renter households cannot afford the median renter shelter costs of $850 monthly. 10,000 households in Greater Peterborough spend more than 30% of their income on rent or shelter costs.

Partners: City of Peterborough,  County of Peterborough,  The Mount Community Centre,  YWCA,  Housing Resource Centre,  Local Churches and Faith Groups