Basic Needs

Goal: Increase access to: accessible and affordable trans- portation, oral health care, and meeting the needs of the most hard-to-serve members of our community.


Empower & Address Needs:

  • Secure more funding for the Dental Treatment Access Fund.
  • Advocate for affordable transit passes and a ride-share network.

Build Capacity:

  • Provide more access to long term support services.
  • Increased awareness about the free or low-cost health and dental services in Peterborough.


  • Work to increase more funding for health and dental services.
  •  Create better transit and transportation systems between the City and County.

Create Change:

  • Build an advocacy network to identify and address issues and gaps for people who “fall through the cracks” in social supports and services.
  • Ensure there is a comprehensive and sustainable model for providing accessible and affordable transportation.

Facts: 43% of people in Peterborough City and County said that cost was a barri- er to receiving dental treatment. Peterborough`s Dental Treatment Assistance Fund (DTAF) helps low- income people get the oral care they need. The DTAF was created in 2007 to meet the emergency needs of adults and seniors in our communities.


Peterborough Social Planning Council Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) , Peterborough Social Services,  The MS Society,  United Way of Peterborough and District,  Peterborough County-City Health Unit Peterborough and District Labour Council